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Who We Are

The Next Generation Club is a group of young professionals working together in New York, Chicago and London to drive ALTSO’s overarching mission of supporting children with untreated limb disabilities whose family cannot afford treatment. Our purpose is to maximize ALTSO’s efforts by uniting young professionals, ALTSO’s Next Generation, through signature events, community engagement activations and a membership club - the Next Generation Club. Together, as a rising generation, we can work with ALTSO to give children the treatment they need and access to life-changing opportunity.


Our Next Event: April 7, 2019


Our Membership Criteria

Our members are young professionals who are passionate about, and dedicated to, engaging their local communities to help families in the developing world whose children have lost their limbs in traumatic accidents or suffer from congenital limb disabilities.

Next Generation Club members show their support through: donating a minimum of $10/month; recruiting four people annually to the Next Generation Club; attending two Next Generation Club events a year; working with the Next Generation Club to spread ALTSO’s mission and goals by involving friends, family and colleagues to raise both awareness and funds for the cause.


Our Membership Benefits

Your Next Generation Club membership gives you:

  • Access to member pricing for Next Generation Club signature events

  • Quarterly impact reports and updates

  • Leadership development via the chance to attend and participate in a Next Generation Club board meetings

  • Free admittance for a plus one to one ALTSO-hosted event annually*

  • Volunteer opportunities at ALTSO’s Hedge Fund Rocktoberfest

  • Network advancement with other Next Generation Club members and ALTSO supporters

  • Personal and professional progression through being involved with and helping run a volunteer subcommittee


*Excluding ALTSO’s Rocktoberfest

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