On April 25, 2015 a 7.8 magnitude earthquake devastated Nepal, crippling the capital of Kathmandu. It was the worst earthquake recorded in the country in 80 years and has amounted to more than 8,000 deaths and injuring over 17,000 and still counting.

ALTSO has been working in Nepal since 2009 to bring free orthopedic care to children in remote villages and urban areas around Kathmandu. Our partner on the ground has spent the last 9 years treating children with both congenital and traumatic limb disabilities. Right now, they need our help serving those affected by the earthquake.

Donate now to bring free care to children in need. 100% of the funds will go directly to our local partner to support their efforts.



Recent Updates From ALTSO's Program Partner In Nepal:


4.28.15 - from our program partner in Gulmi, Nepal (127 miles west of Kathmandu):

"Namaste. We all are safe but because of the destruction all of children at Hope Disability Centre are sleeping outside on the road without tents. It is so sad. There has been so much rain and we continue to feel the aftershocks which come without a moments notice. The children are so afraid! 

In Gulmi District alone, 89 houses have been destroyed and more than 500 houses have been vacated due to structural damages. There have been no deaths recorded as of yet. The cold rain and lack of transport is causing great suffering to the people in remote areas. The children are in desperate need of tents and basic necessities but road conditions are causing delays in support.”  

- Ganga Rayamajhi, Hope Disability Centre (HDC) Chair Woman


5.1.15 - from our program partner in Gulmi, Nepal (127 miles west of Kathmandu):

In coordination with the Red Cross and local Government, we have been able to distribute basic necessities and small amounts of food to remote areas in Gulmi District. The need is immense but the people are working together to help each other survive. Clothes, medicines, and additional food are in great need. Sleeping under the open sky without shelter or tents is one of the biggest problems we are facing, especially with young children.

photo credit: Tara Bhusal, HDC Treasurer


5.12.15 - from our program partner in Gulmi, Nepal (127 miles west of Kathmandu):

Another 7.3 earthquake has just hit 50 miles north east of Kathmandu amounting to over three dozen deaths and injuring over 1,000. Six aftershocks (between 4.3 & 6.3) have also been recorded - felt as far away as New Delhi, India. It is so sad and everyone is very afraid to be indoors.

Ganga Rayamajhi, Hope Disability Centre (HDC) Chair Woman