#SweatForALTSO is an active campaign gathering friends and family to raise awareness and funds for children with untreated limb disabilities in the developing world. These sweat-inspired, calorie-crunching, adrenaline fueled events are hosted by ALTSO in studios and gyms around NYC and Chicago to bring our children the treatment needed to access life-changing opportunities like education, work and mobility.


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Past Events

            SWERVE   Spring 2016                        




SWERVE Spring 2016









            DodgeBall   Summer 2017                        




DodgeBall Summer 2017









            Dodgeball   Summer 2016                        




Dodgeball Summer 2016









            ASCEND   Fall 2017                        




ASCEND Fall 2017









            SWERVE   Spring 2017                        




SWERVE Spring 2017










#SweatForALTSO contributes to improving the health, well-being and self sufficiency of children living with limb disabilities in the developing world.