Sehar's Story

Meet Sehar.

Hit by a car at the age of three, Sehar has lived without the use of a prosthesis for the past five years. Due to her father's income level ($346 per year) her family was not able to afford the treatment Sehar desperately needed to become independent - and therefore was confined to the house where her mother could provide 24/7 assistance.

Thanks to ALTSO's partnership with the Pakistan Society for the Rehabilitation of the Disabled (PSRD), Sehar received her first prosthetic device this month - free of charge. Her parents report that she can now walk independently without feeling self-conscious. With her confidence returned Sehar is ready to attend school - for the very first time. She and her family are very happy and thankful for all of the support.

Through outreach programs and word-of-mouth, ALTSO's partners identify children living in remote areas who have no access to care or who cannot afford treatment. Their local expertise ensures children living in remote areas are identified, referred for treatment, and provided the necessary care.