Yang & Sokleang

Five years ago, Sokleang gave birth to Yang on the very “rattan bench” shown in the photo above. During labor, Sokleang experienced serious complications that led to Yang acquiring cerebral palsy (“CP”), an abnormality of motor functions. CP is the second highest disability treated by ALTSO.



Now almost 6 years old, Yang still requires a lot of help to perform his everyday activities. Sokleang relies on her mother-in-law to watch over Yang and take him to his physical therapy sessions while she works 10 to 12 hours daily tending to rice fields – for which she earns only $2.50 a day.

Sokleang is six months pregnant with her second child. Her husband died nearly six months ago. For Sokleang this means that she has to work six days a week until the day she gives birth, hunched over picking rice in temperatures over 110 degrees.