Six Floors Under was formed in 2013 after a group of colleagues in the IT department within the Société Générale Group befriended one-another. Their moniker, Six Floors Under, is an ode to their rehearsal space six floors under SG.

The band comprises 10 colleagues whose wide musical influences, spanning from jazz to heavy metal, allow them to put a unique and fresh spin on fan favorites. Members include Xavier Genet (Bass, double bass), Eric Pilavian (Keyboards), Wilfried Villisek Faucounau (Bass), Michael Pierre (Lead guitar, backing vocals), Thibault Duprez (Drums, backing vocals), Pierre Sellier (Drums), Jennifer Breval (Lead vocals), Jeremie Plu (Lead vocals), Laurent Dussault (Rhythm guitar, backing vocals), and Matthieu Chavaroc (Saxophone).

Six Floors Under has performed at Rocktoberfest - New York since 2015, a variety of gigs across Paris, including a concert in India for more than 5,000 people and are excited to take their talents to London for the first time this year. Performing while simultaneously supporting those in need has been a dream come true for the band.


Check out Six Floors Under on youtube here!