In partnership with Pusat Rehabilitasi Yakkum ("PRY"), we are excited to share with you our new live stream, featuring rehabilitative activities conducted at our program partner's rehabilitation center in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. Please note, due to weak internet connections in the area, live streaming is not available during all times of the day.

Viewing available between 8pm and 2am EST - Sunday through Thursday (desktop only)


Program Details

Cerebral Palsy Management at PRY

Indonesian children afflicted with cerebral palsy treated under ALTSO’s program at PRY are provided physical therapy for approximately one hour per day for a duration of 21 days. In addition to physical therapy, patients are provided accommodation, food, transportation, a variety of therapy including physio, hydro, occupational, speech, psychosocial (for patients and caretakers), and any prosthetics, orthotics or mobility aids that are required to further the patient's range of motion and overall mobility.

Children must be accompanied by one caretaker during their entire stay at PRY. Over the three week period, caretakers are taught the fundamentals of physical therapy and various exercises for the management of cerebral palsy for daily use at home.

An average of three to five children participate in each three-week group to allow for maximum time and attention to each child. As such, effective models of inclusive rehabilitation not only benefit children with disabilities, but also create an environment in which caretakers can share their experience and gain support from one another.

Please note: ALTSO and PRY have received consent from all patients' caretakers for their participation in live streaming their child's rehabilitation.


Transform the life of a child in Indonesia.


banner photo courtesy of yohanes hastadi, pry program manager