SweatForALTSO gathers friends, family, and now our committed partners at IHS Markit, to raise awareness for our CoolKids living with limb disabilities around the world.

SweatForALTSO x IHS Markit will engage participants in the exciting game of Pickleball, where players will leverage their mobility to provide life-changing prosthetic limbs, appropriately fitted wheelchairs, and other mobility solutions for CoolKids, while encouraging them to reflect on how mobility affects every aspect of their lives.

Register for a Pickleball team below or make a donation in support of one, to help bring mobility, and all that mobility offers, to our CoolKids.

Event Details


September 11, 2019 | 6pm - 9pm

13-06 Queens Plaza South, Long Island City, NY

$1404.14 Raised | $1,500.00 Goal | 30 Players | 10 Teams



Special thanks to the Drop Shot Divas who took home first place
and to all the teams that SweatForALTSO!

New to the sport of Pickleball?

Check out everything you need to know on how to play here, and check out the sport in action here.


Special thanks to our partner Court 16 for their generous support.

What Does Mobility Mean To You?

At ALTSO, mobility is more than flexibility or about getting from A to B. Mobility has the power to educate, empower and provide independence. It inspires change, provides employment, boosts self-esteem and improves socioeconomic status. More than anything, mobility is hope, dignity and independence. Take a minute to watch the video below to see what resonates with you.