High Octane Alpha

High Octane Alpha is a PAAMCO employee-only band consisting of portfolio management and legal professionals with backgrounds from emerging and developed markets. The band is known for its barbelled set list of alternative beta and alpha oriented songs. Each song has to go through the band member’s due diligence and needs to be underwritten for alpha potential. Higher alpha potential songs are identified in less efficient markets with lower mainstream radio coverage. Furthermore, those songs tend to carry longer duration, convexity and higher complexity. Band members include: Alper Ince, CGA (Guitars), Charlie Nightingale, CKA (Keyboard), David Barta, CDA (Drums) and John Paul Fischer, CBA (Lead Vocals and Bass). Special Guest for London event: Max Rijkenberg, CRVA (Rock Violin). The band performed in 2017 at Rocktoberfest Chicago, NYC and also at ALTSO's Inaugural Rocktoberfest London 2018 this past June.