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As kids, we have all once dreamt of being able to fly. We all have once imagined ourselves soaring to the sky, gliding over the trees, and flying through the clouds, feeling a constant gust of wind against us.

However, all around us, 93 million kids with disabilities spend their time wanting and wishing and imagining and dreaming of something very different: merely walking. While we are flying in our dreams, their only wish is for a Leg to Stand On (literally). In other words, they only dream of going distances beyond what being carried, crawling, or even hopping allows.

That’s why ECKCM’s 2nd annual 5K is partnering with ALTSO (A Leg To Stand On) this year in efforts to make more kids’ dreams come true. Through our ability to run, jog, or walk, we’re hoping to make their dreams become reality. The concept is simple: running so that others can walk.

So join us in reaching our goal of $4000, so that we, too, can play a role in providing life-changing orthopedic care, such as prosthetic limbs, orthotic devices, mobility aids, corrective surgery, and rehabilitation to the kids who need it most.



Our 2nd annual 5K will take place on Friday morning of August 7th near the Wellness Center at the University of Pittsburgh in Johnstown campus. A 5K is equivalent to about 3.1 miles. We welcome runners and walkers of all ages! If you casually walk the course, it would take you on a nice hour stroll around the beautiful campus. However, if you would like to compete for a prize in your age group, you can race to the finish line and perhaps even beat your record time!

Registration is $25 online or at the race booths during ECKCM. However, T-shirts are limited, so register early online to guarantee a shirt! If you register online, bring a proof of registration and come find us around campus to pick up your shirt and bib before race day. On race day, meet us at the starting line near the Wellness Center 15 minutes before the race begins. That’s 6:45 AM!

Oh, and one last thing: Don’t forget to pack your running shoes!

- Outreach Team 

If you have any questions, contact Yuna via email or phone: yunahan95@yahoo.com or (630) 441-7288.