#SweatForALTSO: Dodgeball



The basic rules from your high school gym still stand. Two teams, 10 players each, will compete in traditional short (3 minute) dodgeball games. If you get hit, you're out. If your ball gets caught, you get out and the opposing team brings a player back in. The last team standing (or the team with the most members left on the court) wins that game. We will play tournament style until the grand finale where the top two teams go head to head. Official rules and schedule will be sent out closer to the event date.


Thurs. June 16, 2016

Houston St. Center

273 Bowery, NYC

8PM - 10PM

(arrive no later than 7:45 pm)

Minimum $50 to play



David Chong

team: Carlos Danger

David Traverso

team: Ball Busters

Michael Burt

team: DOGEball

Corinne Pereda

team: The Dodgefathers


Get Inspired

#SweatForALTSO contributes to improving the health, well-being and self sufficiency of children living with limb disabilities in the developing world. Thanks to Sandlot Sports - NYC's Home for Dodgeball - for their generosity, and to you, for making such an important difference for children with limb disabilities in the developing world.