The following guidelines outline what ALTSO deems to be appropriate and proper behavior for ALTSO associates when interacting not just with children but with all beneficiaries of ALTSO's programs. Throughout this policy all ALTSO program participants whether child or young adult will be referred to using the term ‘beneficiary.’ This policy is designed to protect both the children participating in ALTSO’s programs, whilst also protecting ALTSO associates from accusations of inappropriate behavior or abuse. Please note: This is not an exhaustive or exclusive list. All ALTSO associates should avoid actions or behavior that may constitute poor practice or potentially abusive behavior. If an associate is unsure at any time, they should present their query to ALTSO Management immediately.

It is essential that all ALTSO associates treat every beneficiary equally, with dignity and respect regardless of their ethnicity, religion, age, ability, gender, sexual orientation and economic circumstances.

ALTSO associates shall not engage in any acts of physical, sexual or emotional abuse or exploitation, this includes but is not limited to:

●  Kicking, pushing, hitting, slapping, pinching

●  Threats of violence

●  Sexual relationships with minors or any beneficiaries

●  Viewing, making or distributing child pornography

●  Behaving in a manner which is in its nature inappropriate or sexually provocative

●  Using inappropriate or offensive language – directed towards or in front of a beneficiary

●  Yelling at a beneficiary

●  Making suggestions or offering advice which is inappropriate or offensive

●  Speaking or behaving in a way intended to shame, humiliate, belittle or degrade a beneficiary

●  Showing differential treatment, or favoring particular beneficiaries to the exclusion of others

●  Asking beneficiaries or staff to assist with personal jobs, such as running errands of a personal nature.


ALTSO requires that all ALTSO associates maintain the confidentiality of all beneficiaries and their case related information.