Family Training

In partnership with Yakkum Rehabilitation Center (PRY), ALTSO carried out it's first of three family training seminars in Yogyakarta, Indonesia on March 20-21, 2014. The trainings are being conducted to expand the knowledge about the condition of cerebral palsy ("CP") so parents and caretakers know the causes and management practices of the disorder. By providing further education parents and caretakers have realistic expectations about their child's development. 



Special thanks to Yohanes Hastadi for facilitating the training program. Brief notes from Yohanes' journal below:

The training held on March, 20-21 2014 was attended by 7 out of 8 families invited. One family could not attend due to their work.

Parents have many questions about their child's condition and are given a medical explanation from trained educators.  Many parents also ask about the psychological condition and how to take care of their children. Educators provide explanations about the medical and psychosocial services which help the parents to have more realistic expectations. Additionally, educators also encourage the parents to continuously provide therapy exercises independently at home. Understanding that children with CP will need on-going (life long) treatment is also a key message throughout the training.