2016 Hedge Fund Rocktoberfest Band Lineup

ALTSO's signature Hedge Fund Rocktoberfest event is not just an awesome night of rock ‘n’ roll but an opportunity to give back and help level the playing field for children with limb disabilities around the world.


The Autopilots


The Autopilots are a bunch of musical misfits unwilling to let go of the dream. They are no-nonsense New Yorkers equipped with a never-say-die maverick spirit and mildly good looks. Spanning multiple generations and hailing from all around the world, the Autopilots sport a variety of musical tastes but a united goal of rocking hard. They are very much looking forward to entertaining the financial wonks of the world and supporting a great cause at Rocktoberfest.


The Cause



The Cause is a team of high energy classic and alternative rockers dedicated to giving back by rocking' out for charitable causes they support. Members include: Greg Dabal (Guitar and Vocals), Chris Caruso (Guitar and Vocals), Bruce Torley (Bass), Anthony Liccese (Drums and Vocals), Bettina Levy (Lead Vocals), Larry Scheinberg (Keyboards) and Bill Maher (aka Bongo Billy).


JAM Partners


Members include: Sy Jacobs of Jacobs Asset Management, Renzo Anfossi of Citi, Michael Corasaniti of Tourmalet Advisors, Dexter Remy of Glenwood Management Fitness, Tim Seymour of Triogem Asset Management & CNBC Fast Money, and Mark Greenberg of Tigress Financial Partners.




New York Rock Exchange (formerly known as Flash Crash) consists of current and former employees of ICE and Apple. Formed to perform and raise money for A Leg To Stand On, the band has played at five Hedge Fund Rocktoberfests. NYRE plays music by Arcade Fire, Billy Joel, Bruce Springsteen, The Ramones and many others. All members of NYRE are accomplished musicians and have played at many of the best rock and roll venues in NYC and Chicago. Members include: Larry Scheinberg, ICE (keyboards), Joey Albert, ICE (guitar), Frank Carr (bass), Russ Joiner, Stacey Haskel (vocals), Mark Greenberg (drums), Ray McKenzie (bass and vocals), Sophie McMinn (vocals).

6FU - The whole band.jpg

Six Floors Under



It all began in 2013 when 15 musicians from the same team decided to get together, turn on the amps and burn some strings to escape the day to day stress of the financial market. Taking on some of the biggest legends of rock like Pink Floyd, AC/DC, the Beatles, The White Stripes, ZZ Top and Lenny Kravitz. In the basement, six floors under became their initial rehearsal den and an initiative was launched -- "Great Place To Rock" – and a band,  "Six Floors Under", was born.

June 2014: Six months of hard work, random sessions and unexpected challenges came their first concert in front of 500 people which was broadcast simultaneously in London, Montreal, NYC, Bangalore and the world got its first glimpse of the team in action. In the thick of the success resounding within the company they wanted to take it to the next level and put on a world class show in front of more than 2000 people at a Corporate Gala. Who would have ever thought that they would be called upon again, but this time by the big apple where this time, they did not only play for something they loved, but for a charitable cause for children led by ALTSO. A dream come true.

Today more than 30 experts across multiple business lines, spanning several countries, are actively involved and are federated musicians, dancers, photographers, videographers, web designer and are all either employees or providers. Now, with 15 members, 15 styles and a story to be told, Six Floors Under are creating their own compositions, but continue to give fresh impetus to famous songs with their own sensitivity and spin."


The Warriors From Mars



Justin Lepone is the lead singer and rhythm guitarist for The Warriors From Mars. His favorite bands include The Doors, Pink Floyd, The Beatles and Smashing Pumpkins. Justin joined Greenlight Capital as Director of Partner Relations in December 2002.

John Ivanac is the lead guitarist for the Warriors from Mars. He has been in a number of bands during his lifetime, which have included live performances and studio recordings of both covers and originals. John's musical inspiration is grounded in an eclectic mix of artists, with favorite acts including the Doors and the Beatles, the Dandy Warhols, the Cult, and Glass Animals. John is a member of BlackRock's Global Consultant Relations Group within the Institutional Client Business, responsible for managing relationships with investment consultants with a focus on BlackRock's suite of alternative products.

Ryan Carter is the bass guitarist for the Warriors From Mars. Ryan began his musical career at a young age and continued playing with his band Soul Clown at Muhlenberg College. He cites Noel Redding, Rick Danko, Phil Lesh, & John Paul Jones as influences. Ryan has worked at toddstreet, a communication and events company, for the past 17 years.

Lauren Fijol is a vocalist in the Warriors from Mars. She met her main squeeze, Kenny Hildebrandt, while singing on a cruise ship in Europe. Kenny is the keyboardist in the Warriors From Mars. Originally from Chicago, Lauren majored in musical theatre, sings in a wedding band with Kenny, and is a certified personal trainer. - Greg Olsten is the drummer for the Warriors From Mars. He draws inspiration from John Bonham, Roger Taylor, Jack DeJohnette, Roy Haynes, and last but not least, Phobos and Deimos.



Rocktoberfest musicians, sponsors and attendees have been instrumental in enabling ALTSO to treat more than 15,000 children around the world, giving them not only the ability to walk - many for the first time - but all of the opportunities mobility offers, including access to education and the tools to live a self-sufficient life.