Apply to become an ALTSO Program Partner

To expedite the vetting process, clinical orthopedic treatment providers applying to become an ALTSO Program Partner, must meet the following 15 requirements. Additionally, outlines further partnership details and what ALTSO provides to its international Program Partners.

In order to become an ALTSO Program Partner, the applicant must:

1. Have the capacity to financially support its own overhead expenses and staff salaries.

2. Have the finances and human resources to manage import duties, fees and taxes, customs procedures and logistics, and/or tax exemption processes on imported goods efficiently and effectively.

3. Be a legally registered entity in its country of operations and should have formal documentation attesting to this (i.e., registration number, registration document, and/or agreement with government allowing the clinical orthopedic service provider to operate locally).

4. Be authorized to receive financial and/or product support from the United States of America, the United Kingdom, the Republic of India, and the People's Republic of China.

5. Not discriminate against children on any basis, including but not limited to race, religion, culture or creed. The program must complement ALTSO’s objective of providing free orthopedic care to children with limb disabilities (newborn to 21 years of age) in the developing world.

6. Not charge for medical consultations, evaluations, treatments, devices or any other services provided to patients via ALTSO's support.

7. Agree that any product support provided by ALTSO is to be provided free of charge to patients and is strictly prohibited to be sold or resold for profit.

8. Not provide orthopedic related services to patients outside its own operated clinics.

9. Own and operate an in-house prosthetics and orthotics laboratory.

10. Staff certified prosthetists and orthotists (CPO’s), certified prosthetic & orthotic technicians, and certified physiotherapists.

11. Staff personnel that are trained and experienced in the provision of manual wheelchairs in less-resourced settings.

12. Staff persons with disabilities (PWD’s) to promote the inclusion of persons with disabilities in the workforce.

13. Keep and maintain detailed, accurate and up-to-date patient health records and photo documentation using ALTSO's online reporting system and a shared google drive folder (created by ALTSO) for all patients treated under ALTSO's program partnership.

14. Have the capabilities to provide adequate and routine follow-up care to ensure that continuum care is provided to each patient as he/she grows.

15. Agree that the Organization will work with ALTSO for the purpose of assisting children and adolescents with limb disabilities from birth up to 21 years of age, regardless of other work carried out by the Organization.


If your organization meets all 15 requirements, please complete and submit the application below.