ALTSO All Stars

The ALTSO All Stars is a group of musicians who join together for A Leg To Stand On events to acquire sponsorships, sell tickets and promote the great work of ALTSO on behalf or our #CoolKids. Our goal is to inspire, entertain and to expand awareness for ALTSO to help as many children as possible to gain mobility. The 2018 ALTSO All Stars performing in London, New York or Chicago include:

Amelie Gerbert (drums), Alex Worth (vocals),  Joe Lap (drums), Bob Gartland (guitar and vocals), Steve Staszak (guitar), Eli Karali (bass), George Ramft (keyboards), Peter O’Shea (keyboards), Luka Dvorak (guitar), Ray McKenzie (guitar, bass and vocals), Andrea Knorring (vocals), Howie Fulton (guitar), Olga Mishow (vocals), Dean Cassara (drums), Jen Jucovics (vocals), Helena Lambke (vocals), Jake Eisendrath (vocals), Dan Alfrey (bass), Talia Cassara (vocals) and Mike Alfrey (keyboards).