RAISED $40,000  |  GOAL $25,000


 • COMPLETED ON MAY 3, 2015 •



Chapel of the Resurrection

Valparaiso University, Valparaiso, IN


The Social Action Leadership Team (SALT) is the social justice organization of the Chapel of the Resurrection at Valparaiso University in which students from all walks of life come together in community to embody the call to be the salt of the earth. For 30 years SALT has selected a specific project that spreads social justice and they organize a fundraising campaign for the project known as the World Relief Campaign (WRC). Throughout the history of WRC, SALT has partnered with over 25 different organizations in 25 different nations on 5 continents. This year SALT has the opportunity to spread social justice to a new community in a nation where we have never worked by helping them achieve mobility in all aspects of life.

For the 30th anniversary of the World Relief Campaign, the Social Action Leadership Team (SALT) is partnering with A Leg To Stand On (ALTSO) to bring mobility to 400 children in Afghanistan by providing Prosthetic Limbs, Orthotic Devices, Mobility Aids, and Prosthetic and Orthotic Repairs & Adjustments. By helping these children gain movement, we are giving them the potential to achieve mobility, in all aspects of life, which can lead to equality and justice. Join SALT in bringing mobility to children who are in great need through The 400 Movement.



The 400 Movement: Why Mobility?

The ability to move around independently is essential for many reasons. Imagine waking up one day and being unable to clean, clothe, feed, or relieve yourself. Movement leads to physical mobility and a self-sufficient life. But movement does not only mean physical mobility; it also means social mobility. Movement is crucial for getting an education and education leads to social mobility. Furthermore, due to social and religious beliefs in Afghanistan, limb loss and limb deformities are considered to be a punishment to the family. When the condition goes untreated, as it does in most cases, the child is more vulnerable to abuse and neglect from both family and peers. These children are in desperate need of movement. For it is movement that brings mobility and mobility that leads to justice.


The 400 Movement: Why Afghanistan?

For 30 years Afghanistan and its people have suffered the effects of war and conflict, including rampant poverty and high unemployment. As a result, the healthcare infrastructure of Afghanistan is unable to care for its population, especially its women and children. Nearly 10% of Afghan children die by the age of 5 due to inadequate healthcare. Furthermore, a lost or deformed limb is typically not seen as life threatening by local and international aid organizations. There are thousands of children all over Afghanistan, who have little or no mobility and do not receive medical attention of any kind. However, with your support, SALT can help these children achievement movement again, bringing both physical and social mobility back into their lives.

We can help give children the mobility they need to be self-sufficient and to move forward in life. With your support, we can give these children a leg up on life. 


St. Teresa’s of Avila Catholic Student Center Valparaiso, IN

Lois Reiner

James & Joanne Albers

Eldon & Donna Balko

Keith & Sally Anliker

Wesley Maiers

Donald & Carol Koetke

John L & Katherine Vahle

Dick MacFeeley

David & Lisa Vlach

Peter Baumgarten

Greg Kita

Patrick Hanlon

Michael & Marta Bridwell

Timothy & Lisa Meinzen

Kimbery Majerus & John F Oldenburg

Mel & Eileen Piehl

Maria Bruno

Abby Larson

Sara Manning

Heidi Binder

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Gary & Lorraine Brugh

David Weber

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Five Guys

Gary & Rella Redick

Holly S. & Leonard Folley

Zafar Ullah Khalid & Kishwar Khalid

Fadel A & Azza R Shaaban

Shahabul S & Ghazala T Arfeen

MSA Bakesale

Jennifer Sechrist

Molly Hallead

Nora Hetzner

Jeneal Hunt

Janet Larson

W D McDonough & F A McDonough

Nicole Wilken

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Liturgical Institute

Sami & Tori Humphrey

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Nate King

Megan Dean

Brian Johnson

Elizabeth Lynn


The final total is in! All of the donations are in and counted. The 400 Movement - Giving Children a Leg Up on Life had an initial goal of serving 400 children which meant raising $25,000. Through the charitable contributions of so many generous people and the numerous hours of work from dedicated Salters, the Social Action Leadership is overjoyed to share that The 400 Movement raised $40,000 on its 30th anniversary of the World Relief Campaign. Through our partnership with A Leg To Stand On, this support will help 640 children in Afghanistan achieve mobility in all aspects of life by providing prosthetic limbs, corrective surgeries, and orthotic devices. Thank you to everyone who supported The 400 Movement and helped spread justice by giving children a leg up on life.