2018 Rock Recap

2018 was a rocking year for ALTSO. In June, ALTSO returned to London for its inaugural Rocktoberfest-London. On October 11th, ALTSO celebrated its 7th Annual Rocktoberfest-Chicago with a full-buyout of City Winery. And on October 25th, ALTSO celebrated its 15th Anniversary Hedge Fund Rocktoberfest. We Rocked for Good on behalf of the over 17,500 children treated to-date, thanks in large part to the support from Rocktoberfest musicians, sponsors, attendees, volunteers, and Committee!

In October of 2018, to kick of ALTSO’s month of Rock & Roll, ALTSO announced its partnership with Johnson & Johnson’s Donate a Photo app and campaign. For every photo shared by a user on the DAP app who selected ALTSO as their charity, Johnson & Johnson donated $1. Johnson & Johnson provided a photo-booth at Rocktoberfest - NYC & Chicago, where guests were able to snap and donate photos directly. This campaign closed out with a total donation of $10,000 earned from ALTSO supporters!

 Rocktoberfest - London

On June 6th, ALTSO returned to London for its inaugural Rocktoberfest-London. The event took place at 8Northumberland, just south of Trafalgar Square.  

ALTSO was welcomed into London by over 20 corporate sponsors and performances from bands comprised of talented professionals from Societe Generale, PAAMCO, Simmons & Simmons, Lombard Odier, Albourne, Apple and more.

London welcomed over 500 guests for its first year rocking out - a feat that wasn’t accomplished in its sister cities for several years! They proved that rock & roll transcends the Atlantic and their commitment to providing the life-changing gift of mobility to ALTSO’s CoolKids year over year. 


To kick off ALTSO’s October US series, we celebrated our 7th Annual Rocktoberfest-Chicago. A record-breaking year, the event welcomed over 800 attendees at City Winery Chicago and raised a record of nearly $150,000!

Guests enjoyed a night of rock and roll on the main stage, where historic Rocktoberfest musical acts, Chicago Rock Exchange, The Operators, The Wrong Boys, The Simpletones, and Tanqueray Mist performed. And for the first time ever, Rocktoberfest - Chicago also featured a brand new acoustic room with more than half a dozen acoustic performances.

If VIP guests wanted a quieter place to connect with their guests, they were able to retreat to the VIP Room. This mezzanine overlooked the lobby, and featured an exclusive wine tasting of City Winery’s Fall Portfolio.

Rocktoberfest-New York

To round out the three annual events, ALTSO’s 15th Anniversary Hedge Fund Rocktoberfest was a night to remember. The OG event featured more than a dozen bands, who had been raising money to benefit ALTSO’s CoolKids for months. The winning band - The Autopilots - raised nearly $120,000 in support of ALTSO’s global programs!  The Autopilots rocked the Main Stage alongside the ALTSO All Stars, Six Floors Under, The Cause and New York Rock Exchange.

To celebrate 15 years of rocking for good, guests were treated with a special performance from historic Rocktoberfest performers Chris Heasman, Sy Jacobs, Tim Seymour, The Cause and more! This memorable performance preceded the ALTSO presentation where ALTSO co-founder and Managing Director of Octagon Asset Management C. Mead Welles, Executive Director Gabriella Mueller Evrard, and Director of Programs AJ Warco spoke about the impact of mobility on ALTSO’s #CoolKids. Guests were then treated to a video where they were able to see ALTSO’s CoolKids enjoying their mobility, running, singing and playing guitar - watch that video here!

Guests were able to enjoy a more relaxed vibe in the acoustic room, which featured performances by Acoustic Karma, ALTSO All Stars, Chris Caruso, Dimmerswitch, Pete Muller & Friends, Sean Driscoll, To The Bridge, and the Warriors From Mars.

A special thanks goes to our beverage sponsors: Maker’s Mark Bourbon Whiskey, Tito’s Handmade Vodka, WolfPack Wines & Spirits, Anheuser-Busch InBev and more.

A very special shout out to GQR Global Markets whose employees led our amazing volunteer team!

And a huge thanks to the Rocktoberfest London, Chicago, and New York City Committee members without whom this event would not be possible.

2018 Rocktoberfest Sponsors

ALTSO’s signature Hedge Fund Rocktoberfest, Rocktoberfest-Chicago and Rocktoberfest-London unite more than 2,750 leaders from the hedge fund and finance industries for a night of rock & roll and acoustic music performed by industry professionals – to help treat more of ALTSO’s children. All three events have been instrumental in enabling ALTSO to provide treatment to more than 17,500+ children around the world.


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Rocktoberfest Photo Credits: A.J. Warco and Johannes Berg


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