One child's story of a decade with a leg to stand on.

As we reflect on ALTSO’s growth – from 100 children treated in 2003, to nearly 1,500 children treated in 2016 – we thank you for your proactive commitment to those we serve. This holiday season, we ask for your support in giving the life-changing gift of mobility – and all the opportunities that provides – to those whose families cannot afford it.

10 years ago, the doctors at ALTSO’s first clinic in Ahmedabad, India met 8-year old Bhupendra, who was born without his right leg below the knee. Since his birth, his parents, who earned a combined daily income of USD $7, had desperately but unsuccessfully been saving to afford a prosthetic leg to help their son walk.


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left: 8-year old Bhupendra / right: Bhupendra with C. Mead Welles (ALTSO's Chairman and Co-Founder) ©2006


The gratitude his parents expressed upon learning that ALTSO would provide Bhupendra not only his first prosthetic leg, but also every single prosthesis he would need as his body grew, was comparable only to Bhupendra’s own excitement. The first thing he did upon being fitted was climb atop the doctor’s table and jump back off, fascinated by his new ability to jump and land on two feet!

Earlier this year, we visited the ALTSO-Ahmedabad Clinic and met with dozens of patients - including a now 18-year old Bhupendra. Because of your historic support, ALTSO has provided Bhupendra with the 15 prostheses he has needed to maintain mobility over the past 10 years.

And because of you, Bhupendra is halfway to graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry, and is determined to get his Masters to become a professor of chemistry in his home state of Gujarat, India.

Really thankful to ALTSO, it’s team in India and abroad and also all the donors who made it possible for me to walk, run and jump and in turn achieve my dreams. Without their support I could never have achieved my dream to become a professor of chemistry, really really obliged and thankful I don’t have words to describe what I feel for you all!!
— Bhupendra, August 2016
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left: Bhupendra with Dhiren Joshi (ALTSO-Ahmedabad Principal and Workshop Manager) / right: Bhupendra with A.J. Warco (ALTSO's Director of Programs) ©2016



Since 2003, ALTSO has treated more than 15,000 children who have lost their limbs in traumatic accidents or suffer from congenital limb disabilities. Our mission is to provide such children with the physical capabilities to access the opportunities and self-esteem earned through education, work, and mobility.

This holiday, we ask for your support in making a 100% tax-deductible contribution to help children like Bhupendra, whose families cannot afford the simple treatment that can drastically improve their lives.


This year and every, we thank you for supporting ALTSO’s mission to level the playing field for children suffering from limb disabilities in the developing world. 

100% of ALTSO’s program funds benefit patient treatments. We encourage you to learn more about your direct impact by visiting, as well as our newest CoolKid Portraits at By showcasing the unique personalities, positive attitudes, likes and ambitions, our aim is to provide not only the gift of mobility, but a medium for self-expression and creativity. In doing so, we’re helping to remove social stigmas and change the face of disability in the developing world.

On behalf of those we serve, thank you for all you do to transform lives. We wish you and yours all the best for a happy and healthy 2017!


Gabriella Mueller, Executive Director - ALTSO



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